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Modern dentures

The art and science of dentures has come a long way from the loose fitting false teeth your Grandmother used to keep in a glass by the bed. Modern dentures fit snugly and match your existing teeth so well, you’ll hardly know they are there.

Completing your smile

Many people have reservations about dentures, associating them with old age. Yet well-fitted dentures can actually make you look younger, improving your appearance with a seamless smile.

Modern dentures can be fitted immediately after an extraction, so you are never left with a gap. They may need adjusting later, as your gums change shape, but you will never loose that full smile. With dentures you can:

  • Replace one or more missing teeth
  • Complete your smile and restore your confidence
  • Precisely match the shade of your other teeth
  • Bite and chew with confidence again
  • Avoid existing teeth moving into gaps
  • Add to them if you incur further tooth loss
  • We can provide superb flexible ‘Valplast Dentures’
  • We can make metal chrome dentures

An affordable solution

Dentures from Baycliff Dental Surgery offer an affordable solution for missing teeth. Implant retained dentures can also be an excellent alternative.

Our expert team has all the experience and expertise you need to ensure that your dentures fit as comfortably as possible, minimizing the need for additional fixatives. We want you to have complete confidence in your new teeth, so you can enjoy life to the full.

For an honest assessment of the pros and cons of dentures, you can talk to us today without commitment. We’re always happy to help you make the right decision.

"I used to go for walks with my old dentures in and never used to smile much. Since I've had the new dentures done at Baycliff Dental, I can't stop smiling and people in the park have noticed how natural they look. Thank you Baycliff!"

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