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You smile, we smile

Smile Design

You deserve a designer smile

When you are confident that your teeth are clean and white, straight and gap free, you can’t help but show them off with a sensational smile. At Baycliff Dental Surgery, we want all our clients to feel good and look great.

It’s not just about taking better selfies; a confident smile could help you to land that job or secure that promotion, attract that special someone or just feel generally happier and more in control.

Complete cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry covers a range of techniques that are used to improve the aesthetics of your teeth, as well as looking after your oral health.

The techniques available for smile design are developing all the time, with many new treatments now available. Treatments can not only correct unsightly imperfections, but also undo the less sophisticated treatments of the past, such as dark amalgam fillings.

Our smile design treatments include:

  • Guaranteed Teeth whitening – using safe & clinically proven methods
  • Orthodontics – straightening crooked or crowded teeth
  • White fillings – replacing old fashioned silver fillings

Look your very best

Smile design is something the Baycliff team takes great pride in, because we see the difference it makes to our clients’ lives every day. When you are no longer worried about what your teeth look like, you can relax and let your smile shine through.

Straighter & whiter teeth are easier to achieve and more affordable than you think at Baycliff Dental Surgery. Drop in today to see how we can help you to refresh your smile and regain your confidence.

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