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White Fillings

An all white smile

Most of us have at least one or two silver coloured fillings in the back of our mouth, and some people feel very self conscious, even ashamed, about showing these when they smile or laugh. White fillings can be used to replace these dark areas, giving you an all white smile that you can feel proud of.

About white fillings

In the past, white fillings have not been considered to be as strong as amalgam fillings, which is why they have not been used in back teeth that are under stress from chewing and grinding.

However, modern formulas have proved to be much stronger and are now recommended for use throughout the mouth. Today’s white fillings are:

  • As strong as amalgam fillings
  • Made from glass particles and resin
  • Made to match your natural tooth colour
  • Clean and natural looking
  • Available to replace existing fillings
  • Long lasting, for ten years or more

Choosing white fillings

At Baycliff Dental Surgery, we can offer white fillings at any time, either as part of your regular treatment, or as a separate course of treatment to replace your old amalgam fillings.

However, we generally recommend that you wait until your old fillings need replacing before you proceed, to avoid unnecessary work being done on your teeth.

For advice on the best way to proceed, talk to our friendly team today, who will explain the pros and cons of replacing your fillings.

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